Regular maintenance is imperative if you want a diesel engine to last


In many ways, a diesel engine is less complicated than a gas-powered engine, has a longer working life combined with greater reliability.
There is little difference in servicing a diesel engine compared to a gasoline engine except that the diesel engine has no ignition system. However, the fuel system is the lifeblood of the diesel engine and requires very careful attention in the way of regular service to prevent dirt and water from getting into the system which would eventually cause damage.

Unlike gasoline engines, diesel engines require occasional bleeding of the fuel system to rid the system of air that gets trapped in the system, and this would be part of the regular service maintenance of the vehicle. Most engines have an automatic bleed system that gets rid of the trapped air but others need bleeding manually as previously mentioned.

All in all the diesel engine has many benefits compared to its gasoline counterpart. They are as follows: better fuel economy, fewer emissions, less maintenance, more reliability, more torque and towing capabilities.

The most important thing to remember is to keep the engine and fuel services to an optimum. Changing ALL the filters is the best insurance to maintain the engine performing at its peak. Fuel filters, oil filters, and air filters are critical elements of the maintenance program and a prudent safeguard against untimely breakdowns.
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