A Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) is an electronic system designed to inform a driver if an unsafe drop in air pressure occurs to their motor vehicle.

TPMS systems can be identified either via a gauge, a pictogram display or by a symbol that is located on the dashboard of the car. There are two types of TPMS systems. The first type and more commonly used is a direct system in which there is an actual TPMS monitor in each tire that is linked to the primary system. This system allows for independent monitoring of each tire. The second system is referred to as an indirect system in which the vehicle monitors the ABS (Anti-lock braking system), and if a change in rotational speed of either a single or many tires is identified, the system will indicate that attention is required.


In the event your vehicle’s TPMS is activated, an indicator light will become illuminated on your dashboard, and possibly even chime to alert your attention. When this occurs, it is vital to have your TMPS diagnosed for any possible service/maintenance.

Many factors affect the air pressure of a tire; driving conditions, weight/towing, weather, and the age of the tire/valve stem/TPMS system itself. Tires may naturally leak air throughout the year, which is why it is important to check their pressure monthly to ensure the current inflation matches the specifications of your vehicle. Improperly maintained tires and TPMS could result in some detrimental effects on your vehicle’s performance and overall safety such as; irregular tire wear, possible tire failure, reduced fuel economy and decreased handling characteristics of your vehicle.


Tires are the only point of contact your vehicle has with the road. Therefore they are a fundamental part of your vehicle’s comfort and safety systems. Properly mounted and balanced tire and wheel assemblies will ensure you receive the maximum comfort, tread life, and security that quality tires can deliver. They are much more than “round, black and hold air”; Tires are an integral part of vehicle safety!


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