When a vehicle is brought to a location for a wheel alignment, the first step for the technician is to road test the vehicle

Here are the reasons why wheel alignment is so important and you should do it.  


A wheel alignment is an important service that returns the vehicle’s wheels back into their proper orientation. Using state of the art wheel alignment machines, the trained technicians at OK Tire will adjust the angles that enable your vehicle to drive straight. When adjusted to the specifications outlined for each vehicle, an alignment will facilitate even tire wear, reduce driver fatigue and improve overall gas mileage by reducing rolling resistance.

When a wheel alignment is performed on your vehicle, one of the first steps in the alignment process is to take the vehicle for a road test. This road test will help the service technician to identify any handling issues; such as the vehicle pulling or drifting while travelling. Next, the technician will check the inflation and wear pattern of the tires and perform an overall inspection of the suspension of the vehicle. If parts are found to worn or damaged, they will inform you of any such required repairs before proceeding.


Once all of the steering and suspension components have been properly inspected and found to be in good operating condition an experienced technician will perform an alignment inspection by using an alignment machine. While hoisted; or lifted, off the ground on the alignment ramp all-wheel measurements are monitored through individual sensors that are attached to each wheel; this information is recorded on the computer screen for the technician to view. The computer will ensure precise measurements of toe, thrust, camber and caster angles and correct as needed. Vehicle manufacturers set standards for the alignment – specified in degrees or inches, to ensure optimal performance for each particular vehicle.

The most common type of Wheel Alignment is a four-wheel alignment. This service is performed on all-wheel-drive vehicles and front-wheel drive vehicles with independent or adjustable rear suspensions. This alignment involves both axles being inspected and adjusted as needed so that all angles of all four wheels are aligned referencing the centre line of the vehicle, and the steering wheel is straight and level.

It is recommended that you see a trusted automotive professional for all of your vehicle alignments. Modern alignment machines can ensure that each tire is at an exact angle, which is essential, considering being off by even a fraction of a percentage can affect the wear of your tires. Tires that are out of alignment risk premature wear, reduced fuel economy and increased driver fatigue due to vehicle pull. It is recommended to have your alignment checked or corrected on an annual basis or if you notice any change in the driveability of your vehicle.

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